Friend, I just want to crawl right here to write and speak joy-words that I believe and so desperately want to live. 

My hope is that I can somehow encourage you to really fall in love with your journey & the story that God is passionately writing with your life every grace-day. I hope that you will seek and find yourself in His Word, and you will open your eyes to the hope-moments when the Word is made flesh to you. I hope that you thirst after Jesus in the mundane, in the mess and in your hard places.

I hope that you will pursue His Glory with your life, and seek to decrease, that He might increase. I pray that through the Holy Spirit you receive an unshakable revelation of how known and loved you are.

Friend, I hope that you live free, each day.

I hope that somehow this can become our own joy-corner; you and I, all of us: where we uplift one another – put away comparisons and competitions and instead embrace our brokenness and imperfections. 

I hope that the words that wander around here can somehow encourage you to believe that no matter who you are, what you’ve done or where you’ve been, God desires you, wants you and needs you.

I hope that I can somehow remind you that you were made on purpose, for a purpose.

That you and I, all of us, are seen, fully known & fully loved.