When you need His eyes to see your gifts: because they don’t always look like so.

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This first April morning blew in an invitation to count gifts. to give thanks for the seemingly small. To burst with gratitude for answered prayers that may or may not always look like so.

 And yea, even if you haven’t reached those goals you thought you would by now. Even if that thing hasn’t changed – you have. Even if all you can count are the small growths. The little sprouts.  Even if it seems like you are not blooming. Even if it looks like you are not bearing much fruit. I hope you can see that you are taking deep root anyway.  That you are growing deeper in the places that truly matter. That this whole shebang is really about God peeling back layers and layers to dig within and out of us: deeper, fuller and realer. Him.

 He won’t stop until He looks at you and sees a reflection of Himself.

I hope you see all of that this April-day. How you’re beginning to see things in perspective. How the things that used to hurt you, don’t as much anymore. How your weak places have been filled with His strength. How your empty places have been filled with more of Him. See how you’re becoming bolder and more courageous to face the things that once took you under. See how you keep standing even as the wind keeps blowing without beginning or end, you just keep standing brave.  See how you are not fighting the same battles you once fought. See how you are growing through all of this.

And yea, maybe these days leading up to the glory of the Cross, you ought to remind yourself of this once again: it is already finished. All of it. All of your goals, all of your dreams, all your hopes, all your prayers - all of it…they are all a finished work! A completed work! And you know the glory of it? We get to live forward, all the things that He completed on the Cross many years ago.

 Live forward; lean forward into all the victories, the triumphs, the joys, the gifts that await – lean forward into all of that abundance! What a gift!

 What many gifts await.

 So maybe this April, you can un-rush, un-list, unplug, reset every now and again so that you might remind your heart over and over again that even with all the things that your heart desires, that are yet to happen, that you are yet to hold, even with all the mountains that haven’t moved, you can keep moving forward because there’s a hope, a future, an expected end that is already paid for, settled and prepared for you (Jeremiah 29:11).

 And no matter how far back you may think you are right now, you are never late to your own lane. Your own lane. Your own gifts. For all that He has for you, you’re never late.

Because this road, however slow, however long, however broken will lead you there at the appointed time.


Rest, dear heart.