When love has kept you waiting.


Because you have the courage to keep hoping and loving – your heart keeps breaking deeply.

But with every broken piece and place, I hope you know, you keep letting more light in.

Because you have the courage to believe that you will see all that He has promised - in the face of the unknowns, the pain, the love unrequited – even as your heart continues to break like shards of glass, you keep trying to remember and scratch out all the times He’s been faithful. Somehow you have the brave to remember, pen and chant your countless gifts, how everything you hold in your hands here and now, the places you stand today, are all prayers answered.

 I hope you can let the light help you see all of these - in His light.

So that you can dare to awaken to contentment, and joy, and peace. You can dare, even in the face of this? Even as you wait – for things to fall into place, for dreams to come true, for love to come, for stormy love to find its feet again – even as you wait to see His promises. You can dare awaken?

Yes. even now.

I hope that you know you can breathe through the anxiety and fear and all the lies of the enemy and just be held by His cloud of grace. I hope you know that even before things fall into pleasant places, you can keep moving forward. I really hope that you keep going. I hope you know that waiting doesn’t have to take the spring out of your step, the joy out of your strength nor the peace out of your heart. I hope you know this: that although you may not know nor see all that He’s doing now, may you lift your head high enough to see that there’s light and hope, even here. even now. 

I hope you know that just as you’re trusting Him in the wait, so is He. He trusts you with the wait – with His Grace.  I hope you know that there’s grace for everyday as you continue to set your heart to endure these things, not to settle for anything less than His best, His time, His plan.  

I hope you know that His love never evades.

I pray that you keep waiting, running toward His desires for you with bursting, unbridled and joyous expectation.

I hope you felt loved yesterday, today, as you will tomorrow.

Standing alongside you in the wait.


Rayo. xo