to the one who is waiting, tired: feeling overlooked, invisible and forgotten this Christmas – He’s coming, for you!

Dear friend,

Can I come sit with you? Come break with you? Cup your downcast face and let Him lift your head.


Because I know you wonder: does anybody know? Does anybody even see that you’re tired? That you sometimes feel alone with your heavy broken heart. That you feel overlooked, invisible and forgotten. That you’ve been praying, still you see nothing. I see you. You there, trying to put one foot before the other. Trying to stand brave. Trying so hard not to be blown away by the storm that’s been knocking the breath out of you. Trying to remember to breathe. I hear you. Panting in silence. Still waiting. Brave-you, wearing a smile over top of the pain, trying to hide all that is cracking underneath. I see you. Burning oil and still waiting. Bearing down with your dreams in your hands. And I know, if you would just find your voice, you would ask: did He not tell you to write the vision and make it plain? Yet here you are at the edge of Christmas, worn and stretched with everything up in the air and just a few things checked off your plans and if He allows one more weight you just might break. Open. Completely.  

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And I know your heart is beating these words: did He not promise? Did He not say to call those things? And where have the days gone? Leaving you with hope deferred and a breaking heart.

May I just whisper these words slow? when you forget to breathe, look into the face of God…let Him breathe on you, and you will come alive again.

Because there are days when nothing seems enough. When Christmas with all things bright and so much to be grateful for can also remind you of all the things that have burned and broken, and those things that never came to be. Things that left you standing alone. Breaking alone. Things that make you feel unseen. Remember this: the best news came first to shepherds. Seemingly unseen men with no status – the least, the overlooked, the invisible yet found by Christ.

It’s the invisible ones that are most magnified by grace. Grace searches low for the broken. Grace comes for the overlooked. Especially the forgotten. Grace reaches for you.

You are never alone. Love searches for you. Love comes for you. Because love are the eyes of God searching across the world for the unseen. The hurt, the broken. Love comes especially for you.

The overlooked are the hidden ones. Hidden in mangers, baskets and even there in crowds. The overlooked, the seemingly displaced ones, purposefully placed in hidden places to be found for such a time as this.

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Friend, look into the face of God and let Christ tell you how His mama and earthly papa traveled miles to hide Him from the bloody hands of Herod. Or let Moses tell you what it was like being hidden in a basket with light barely peeking through as he flowed across streams of all kinds of danger and potential death. Let Bible stories echo to you the lives of many men and women who were hidden in the unlikeliest places, broken in the most vulnerable places, hurt and ostracized, given room in places that looked nothing like what was foretold. Yet somehow their hearts kept beating this: all things work together for good...

Yes, all things work together for the good of them who love Him. Because you can love Him and still walk low and broken. You can love Him and He’ll let you carry a cross because He knows the joy-end from the broken-beginning. He knows just when to give you the joy that He promised.

And for three years now, I have stood at the edge of Christmas with a different expectation. It’s only in these last three years that I have really breathed advent and prepared my heart for Christmas. That’s when I really began to live what the children of Israel longed for; the coming of the promised Messiah, A Savior. Deliverer. The King.  And I can almost hear their murmurs like a foreshadow of mine: “did you not promise, Lord? Did You not promise? And where have the days gone? Do you still see us? Or have you forgotten...?


And this friend, is the bridge we must endure. The bridge between hope deferred and promise fulfilled.

And even at Christmas how many of us are on the edge bleeding through loss, rejection, sickness and lack. Even then Christ says – Come. And. Be. Held. And. Loved.

This is the joyful anticipation. And this is Christmas. Let His Light flood in and let Him lift you. Let this Christmas remind you of how Christ comes to heal the brokenhearted and bind up our wounds. How He’s come to hold your hand across the bridge to promise-fulfilled. Because He was a promise and a glimmer in the eyes of those before us. But now He’s come and He is still to come.

And this is why this is your Christmas. When you look in the face of God and let Him renew your hope and give you a peaceful expectation. This is the Christmas you drop your cares at the feet of the one who has come to deliver you. Who has come to make all things new again.

Can I tell you friend?

I am standing here at the edge of Christmas holding and being held by all that He’s graciously given me and  thanking Him for the unknown places and things He hid me from. And friend, one more thing: I am even here standing at all only because He came. Himself.

Receive grace to let Him enter in, friend. Look up and see light peeking right through.