oh oh friend...here’s that sweet thing I have been meaning to tell you!

Happy life-birthing New Year sweet friend!! Ha! I am weeks late…but here's that joy thing I've been meaning to tell you for weeks. but words here have been a mumble. maybe because of the gratefulness, gleefulness or deep praise-fullness. or just simply baby season that has quieted & stilled my soul these past weeks. but may I just mumble some heart-words today. it's been too long since words have flowed. so thankful that today, strength and words are pouring slow.

Would you look at this joy-babe, friend! just what I dreamed a miracle would look like. firmly within all along. simply waiting to manifest. waiting to grow. waiting to be called as though it already was. friend, if I could sit with you here in this moment with this little strength and these words sifting slow, I would tell you of how graciously God is to invite us to call forth our miracle with thanksgiving. oh friend, what I have learned: thanksgiving indeed gets the attention of our Father. and it midwifes our miracle. and in the wait-time oh it gives our weary hearts so much joy! this is what it's taken me all this while to know for sure:  what our joy-babe coming forth has graciously reaffirmed.

friend, that time a while ago when I wrote you about midwifing our miracle with/through praise, I didn't know I'd somehow midwifed mine. I didn't know that it'd started to grow within. friend, honest I didn’t know. It has been the most overwhelming grace. That as soon as we begin to pray for our miracle, an answer is given (Daniel 9: 23).

Oh I know your heart, like mine, yearns for something – a miracle. And somewhere firmly within He is preparing your heart to own it when it does come. Because with our God everything good thing happens at once. Could I just lock arms with you today as we dare to give thanks in advance? To praise-dance as though you already have it. Because friend, here’s what I now know for sure: that sweet thing that’s been promised – it always comes.

Till I write you again really soon through His strength & by His grace, sweet friend. Do hold on!

 All my love,

Rayo. xo