how your life is an echo of the goodness of this glorious Good Friday

What matters at all in all of this?

On your ordinary days when you feel unseen and unknown, what even matters?  When you’re doing that pile of dishes and finding your sanity through the endless mess of the laundry basket, you’re wondering where’s the Holy in this. When your heart is loving at a 10 and you’re fighting on a 20, and yet God is whispering, “yes, this is Holy ground.”

Because wherever He is, is Holy Ground.

This is what my heart was told at the start of this glorious New Year, when my body started growing a life, and the dare was surrender to the process of a miracle. In pursuit of dreams and goals, who will dare be slowed to walk on Holy Ground? With your heart filled with your own plans and desires, who will dare be brave and carry a Cross? What could be braver than laying your own life down so that another one could live? Who will be stretched and die for another? See what Christ came to show us. That on our days that don’t go as planned, when the dream and miracles feels nothing like we imagined, when the living feels dangerous, we are on Holy Ground. When you pray for the bitter cup to be passed away. When you ask, “Father save me from this hour?” (John 12:27). You are walking the Holy Ground. When it’s ceased to be about you. When your heart is being stretched to carry the burden of another. When you dare say, “yes” to laying down your life.

Jesus is our way to the Holiest of Grounds.

This is what Jesus says we must know. The Good News of Good Friday: “I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy...” (John 16:10).

The desires, the platforms we are pursuing, the dreams and goals may not feel the way we imagine when we get there. Your now, your today was once prayers of days passed, but honest? on many days you live broken. On many days you wonder if this is what He even promised at all.

I have wept amidst joy because miracles can sometimes disguise as pain. Deliverance can feel dangerous. Breakthroughs can just about break you right through.

But there’s always a greater joy that God sets before us. This is what keeps us going. This is what made Jesus say yes to being led to slaughter. The joy. Your face and mine. Our joy is all that mattered in that dark hour. This Holy Week, this glorious Good Friday.

This is how we get to live the Good News. When we walk our lives like it is Holy ground.

When we believe we were made for this – this seemingly ordinary life of pouring out. Laying it all down for another. What is holier?

When we give our best for another one’s work. When we simply show up. When we let our strength be stretched along with our hearts for the incomparable gift of bearing another life. When we let ourselves love all the way even when we risk never being loved in return. When we love even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. When we love the seemingly unlovable. When we live poured out. When we are faithful over seemingly small. When we dare to live in obscurity. When we don’t need stages or platforms, when we begin to believe that this one life is the one stage we’ve been given.

So here’s the good good giddy news about Good Friday. It was about two people between whom a gap needed to be bridged. One Man with the Name above all names laid Himself down as that bridge. So you and I could walk right across His Body, broken for us so we could reach the Lover of Our souls, to the Throne of Grace, to our God. So we could be known by His Blood, that we are His. The Good News about Good Friday is that it was all about you. Your Redemption. Reconciliation. Restoration. This seemingly dark day, dark hour of His death was all about you. You were the joy set before Him.

So when our lives seem ordinary. When we seem ordinary. Unseen, unknown forsaken in the moments that God calls holy, may we be reminded that our lives might well be an echo of the goodness of this glorious Good Friday.