how the weak are made strong: how our hearts can face all that is coming.


Dear Friend,

Welcome! Happy Amazing New Year of doing all kinds of brave!

It’s the first day of 2018 and I wanted to sit and have a quick coffee date with you before the family celebrations begin. Or perhaps like us here, you’re having a quiet one. Here, Mr. Steady and Wonder-girl are exchanging some loud baby language and I cannot help but remember how this day last year we were only expecting this sweet promise. She’d only started moving around in my belly and we’d only just found out we were having a girl. Friend, a lifetime can happen in a year! I also remember how my body braved through some scary days of premature contractions and yea our hearts almost exploded with fear of the worst but even when we were too weary to pray through, God flooded us with amazing grace. Because the spirit of God comes to cast out our spirit of fear and gives us sound mind and reminds us that all will be okay – in the end. His Spirit moves within and everything that threatened to steal our promise, to consume us, had to bow to His Will. And His Will is always good. Always for our good.

Friend, I also wanted to tell you how my heart has been bursting with all kinds of thankful for you. It is just grace that you’d open your heart and find a way to always let me in. To let me sit with you in words and share my broken with you. It is pure amazing grace. How you’ve let me share moments and seasons that I never thought I’d live through and somehow you find in there “some me-too moments”. Friend, I thank you!

And these coming days of 2018? Friend, these are our days of all kinds of brave! I haven’t always known that broken and holy could co-exist, That strength and weakness could co-habit. That fear and courage could show up for battle. I didn’t know until I laid bare, sore and broken that I saw how God can cover our tracks and somehow, we don’t look like what we are going (or been) through because He covers our pain with His peace. Covers our hurt with His joy; our broken with His Holy, our weakness with His Strength, When we are at the end of ourselves that’s precisely where He begins.

May your heart know this one for sure, friend: that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. May you find grace to come to the table, show up for battle, be present in trial, surrender to the pruning and see the face of God like you’ve never before. May you somehow understand that hard things, suffering, pain, scars are the broken path that lead to real freedom. To the promised abundant life. Because on this path you’ll always be met by Him. So may you rise each day to receive more of Him, because where He is, there’s freedom, fullness of joy and pleasures forever more. May you give yourself the gift of grace these coming days and let yourself grow at His pace. May you find strength to encourage yourself in day of trouble and may He steady your heart as you take every step towards triumph. Friend, may you be convinced that the parts of you that shame you, that pull you back, that threaten to take under are the windows through which His abundance will flow through to you.

Friend, to the coming days of doing brave - we have grace for each new day.

Happy New Year from us three to you!



Rayo. x