some words to take with you these coming days

dear friend,

I thought you might want to inhale some good soul-words this first day of the month. I thought, like me, you may want to be reminded these coming days of grace-filled November, that it is not over!

that although you are counting down weeks and days to year's end, and all that you've been promised may not have come to be - nonetheless, I pray that you hold on. really hold on. may you be fully convinced that God can turn things around for you so fast your head will just about spin. that He doesn't need days nor months, He only needs a moment. to change everything! 

friend, may you leap and lean in with expectation day after day. every second of these coming days. may your expectation be the breath of your faith. may you stay eager to see the goodness of your God. may you be reminded that with Him it is never over.

may you praise in advance and skip like all that you seek has found you. may you rest in your God knowing that until you see the promise, He will sustain you. and that although it may seem like your cup is not running over yet, it won't ever run out either.

may you walk these coming days knowing that you are heard and that He is never out of reach. that you are not overlooked and that what He has for you is for you. it won't be a day early nor a moment late. it'll be on time. His time.

rest in Grace, friend. it'll be time soon.