Dear Girl, Words For Our Brave-Hearts

And you can be there counting up glorious weeks until you meet your very first-born child. Until you birth your mini-you. And you cannot begin to believe the grace that you get to be a girl-mama. That you even get to be a mama at all. Pure grace. And you’re sitting through your quiet moments praying these words: what could I give her, Lord? What could I give my first-born child? How more could I pray fiercely in these final weeks of carrying her fearfully and wonderfully formed body within me? And you scribble in your journal and then you find yourself penning some letters for her heart only to realize something: God speaks to us about a place long before we ever even get there. He knows what we will need for a season we’ve never even been.

When I started writing the “dear girl” prayers on instagram a while ago, they were simply letters to my own weary heart on days when I held out my arms for grace to just carry me.  And soon enough there were other friends like you who held onto some words in those prayers. And then there came the promptings to pour these words of prayers into a (d)evotional for us. You and I. So that on days when we need to be carried, we can use these words to build bridges between fear and courage. Between shame and grace. Between our brokenness and His love. Between our weakness and His strength. Between being lost and found.

Because in a world that can feel so dark, you need some light to shine on who you really are. You need to be reminded of God’s unchanging message to your heart through the love of Jesus. In a world that can feel like terror, you need to be reminded that God is always good. His ways and plans are always good. That He is always looking to be good and gracious to you.

And when you are called to something bigger than you, you must beg grace. You must beg grace upon grace to steward a daughter into her fullness. And some days here, I am asking God, how do I give her my brokenness not to earn but to learn from; that she might find her own broken and be made whole. How do I show her that beauty is what she is and not what she could ever put on? That when the world tries to sell her its expectations may she rest in the truth of who she is in Him. That on days when her eyes may grow dim to compare her life to another’s, she will be fully convinced that she is enough. That her identity and worth is always in Jesus. That He is enough for her. That she is always enough for her God.

I really want her, you, me, us to know: that He is always intentional. That our steps are always ordered. That even on days when we feel pierced on every side there is a joy that is set before us. That when you let Him have His way, in the end it all comes down to this: He makes you real-er. That when you let Him take you through the fire you always come out pure gold. You always get much more than what you had going in. That you are made lovely and pure by Grace.

That she is Grace.

And I know, I’ve got to remind her in words; declared and penned. I’ve got to show her as she looks to me first for what it means to be a woman. That giving thanks changes everything. That giving thanks for her before she was even formed in my womb planted her as seed. That thanksgiving and worship are the weapons with which you win your battles. That a life filled with thanks always has something to be thankful for. She must know that unlike the world, we live life upside-down; we give to receive, we love when it is the hardest, we laugh through the storms, we believe even when we see nothing, we die to ourselves so we can really live. Girl, you, me, all of us, may we always be the girls that culture is unable to define. May we be the women found always at the feet of the Cross.

Friend, I haven't stopped thinking of how you have prayed with me through this season. I know you are here, locking arms with me because some words somehow spoke to your heart when you found yourself here. I am deeply thankful for you. Thank you for bearing with me as I steady my heart and find my pace during this time. This is a journey I have never walked and I am trying to be fully present in this season. I have so much to share with you in due time. But in the meantime, as I pen these letters to my girl, to my heart, to you and all of us, please do share with me how I can pray with you and write to you.

With prayers and His leading, the (d)evotional will be completed in a few months, I will share when as soon as I can. And when it is all done, you friend, will be the first to get it for free. I am praying that you somehow find yourself on those heart-pages…

Until I write you again, friend– may you leap into these coming days like never before. On days when it feels like your world is about to take you under may it be the tremors of something new being born in and through you. May you know that you are held firm by Him. May you give up the thoughts of giving up because you are giving in to His will. May you surrender to His process and timing. When it feels like your life, call and purpose needs somebody braver, may you be convinced that you are made brave. May you be filled with courage and know that for where He is calling to, there is always room. You are always enough.

Finally, friend, I know you may be waiting for your fruit. Like me, months ago, you may be giving thanks for a child that you know not when you will receive, but please hear me, and I pray you believe it: your prayers are already answered; keep praising your way to seeing the miracle. it's His promise to you. it's there. it's yours. you will have it...please hold on!


With Grace,