dear girl, what your heart needs to know this valentine.

dear girl,

Your life is bigger than a day. You are a written story from start to finish. Your worth isn’t determined by handpicked flowers and a wrapped gift. You were valued before you were even formed. Let that hang onto your heart.


The world may be skipping and dancing as this one-seemingly-exclusive-day approaches and this can make every single and waiting person feel uninvited and brokenhearted all over again, but girl, can I just tell you? Can I tell you – again and again? You are bigger than a day. No one could ever tell you – show you – in one day how loved you are. How valued you are. You could never see in the petals of roses or reflecting through a shiny gift wrapper, how worthy you are. What you need to know is what you will find in the face of your Heavenly Father and the one who will spend a lifetime loving you.

Yes – you were meant to be loved over a lifetime. You are layered. Someone is meant to spend a lifetime learning from your Father how to unwrap and love you. A day could never be enough for you. Let the world pause and fall for one day while you hold up for a lifetime and eternity. A lifetime of heavenly love and an eternity of endless love. Let that wrap itself around your heart.


You are the real gift. And real gifts keep on giving. Things are just things and people forget things but not people. Not real gifts. So, when someone receives you they know what they are getting. Because you are formed to keep on giving. to keep on unraveling. to keep on giving. So, can I tell you again, girl? There’s no-thing that is being sold that equals your worth. So, these coming days don’t be looking for your worth out there.


Look here.

Someday you will meet that amazing person, and you will pray and be led to be married. And I tell you, you will be my married friend, who will one day forget valentine’s day and so will he. And there you are with an unplanned valentine’s day on your hands and what do you do? You make a quick dinner, share a quick kiss as he gets home, eat, laugh, watch your favorite show and go to bed. Because this – is real life. These are the ordinary real days that make up a lifetime of loving.


And let me tell you – this is what they don’t tell us: it’s easy to sell your soul for one moment, one day. Yes – the world can invite you to give up your joy because you feel excluded from this one-day event. To give anything to be included. But hold up for what you know is true girl, what only your Heavenly Father has given. The world wants to sell its goods and you are no longer for sale and nothing for sale is worthy of you. You were bought once and for all. To hold up for what is worthy – and that is real, gritty days of a lifetime of loving.

So, let the coupled do their coupling in a few days, that is all lovely, and someday, so will you. In the wait-time, you go ahead and enjoy today and be eager for the coming days. Remember- your life is bigger than a day. Your worth is bigger than a day. Your joy shouldn’t cease for a day. You’ve been gifted the greatest gift – once and for all, and He is a daily gift that keeps on giving.

You are always loved. Always valued. Always worthy. Not for a day or two, but for a lifetime and eternity too.

With love,