after the pruning – begin again!

dear friend,

the other Friday I wrote on Instagram how the first words I penned here and there were: “surrender to the pruning” because God will be sure that you don’t pen a word that you are not living. because He is committed to refining us, pulling away our masks to make us realer. to set us free. indeed. and so, He sets our lives on fire and we can’t tell much of what He’s doing in the flames, until it’s burning out. until the smoke is clearing. and we find that whatever is left in our hands unconsumed is what it was all about in the first place. because He will never let you go through anything without causing that thing to change you. one way. somehow. he will never allow pain without causing something new and beautiful to be born (Isaiah 66:9).

because this is where your pain intersects with grace – and you get to begin again.

it’s the amazing 6th month of the year, and these past months have had me in a push-and-pull. because God does this to you long enough to tell you more and show you more. He is passionately pursuing us to watch that our lives are answering the questions that we are asking – Him. so, we are constantly taken to the threshing floor. constantly dying to something less so we can make room for something greater. so, we can constantly just begin again. because our death and resurrection are never a one-time thing.

so, from my darkest days I have collected some heart-treasures. some answers that I have asked Him and He has been sure to make my life my answer. because sometimes the answer that you believe the most is the one you have lived the closest. like you – I have wondered about the value of pain. I have wondered how we keep living when nothing seems to be alive within us. how to keep walking in faith when everything you believe Him for is being deferred. the hows?  

but I have found one thing – when we surrender to His process, there are somethings we begin to know for sure. we begin to know that for the beautiful and grace-filled life He has planned for us, He must prepare us – and for this there will always be a cost.


but we are never without grace and strength. and it is out of His love that He grows us – because to disciple us means to take us through refining fire.

but we always come out unscathed.

we do, friend. hold on - there's something far greater on the other side.


Rayo. x