When you’re desperate to know how this will all end


maybe this first day of September, you feel it too: that this has been the year that you have really felt the length and breadth of things. 

when you have felt the very length and breadth of every stretching day. when each moment has come like a wave carrying you deeper still. deeper into hard things yet deeper into grace. 

maybe this has been the year that slowly but surely He’s teaching you to number your days. teaching you to be more present and alive to every fleeting moment. and even when that means being alive to the pains of hope deferred, He still nudges you to open your eyes to the joys of all that He is doing in the in-betweens. all the glorious ways you’re growing in your waiting places. 

He’s slowly teaching you that He’s not only the redeemer of your yesterday and the hope of your tomorrow, but that He is your ever present help. today, here in your now. that even when things are yet to come together, even when it feels like you are just going through the motions of things, He keeps waking you up to how He’s working all things together for your good - now. how He’s carrying you deeper into the inner chambers of His heart to tell you secret things.

and because you answer as He beckons. because you refuse to give up. because you are desperate to see how this will all end, He keeps showing you with every step of faith you take, that your greater days are not behind you. with every step of faith you take, He unveils higher things. He keeps calling you into more of Himself, remaking and transforming you - into more of Him. 

and as long as you’ll keep coming - as long as you’ll keep going even before things come together, as long as you’ll keep walking by faith and not by all that you see today, you’ll soon come to find that indeed He always saves the best for last.