You are free to call those things that are not as though they were.


Maybe this is what it really means to choose faith over fear. 

But maybe when you open your heart and mouth to say a prayer, you still feel it too. that tug at your heart that reminds you of all the odds and the “what ifs”. and then somehow that tug gets a hold of your tongue and you mask your fear in these words: “God, if it is your will....”

And maybe God let’s us pray like this long enough until we get desperate. until we are in a desperate season where we’re either going to have daring, ridiculous faith or no faith at all. until we’re desperately ready to take hold of every abundance He came to give. 

And then soon enough, in one eye-opening moment, you feel these words traveling through your veins and challenging every unbelief within you. “if you’re not going to believe God, then you might as well hold your tongue and close His Word. if we’re not going to believe that every word of heartfelt prayer is like a seed that we will one day harvest then we might as well not sow at all. because as much as He is attracted to my needs, He is greatly moved by my faith.”

So if we’re really choosing faith over fear? this is where it really begins. lifting our heads, with a knowing that for us, whatever will be - won’t be. we call what will be. because we’ve come to know that in our tongues is the power and authority to call those things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17). 

To call broken things, relationships, marriages - whole. to declare salvation over our homes even when it looks unlikely. to declare purity over a child who cannot even yet pronounce the word. to stand in every gap, where fear + unbelief used to live and let faith takes it’s rightful place. 

Choosing faith over fear is: to pray as many times as it takes that: “God, help my unbelief and teach me to really trust that you will keep all that I have kept in your Hands.”

amen, friend!