Maybe your heart could use this mid-year reset too.

these are the days.PNG

when grace lifted you this fine June-day, you did a much needed mid-year reset. because you’ve come to know that the real question behind this whole thing is this: “are you going to believe God or not?”

because with this year of changing things, shifting things + a rush of many other things, you’ve come to know that you’re either going to believe that there’s purpose in these things or you’ll faint under the heaviness of all of it. 

you’ve come to know that you’re probably never going to see your way clear. so either you’re going to keep walking by faith or you’ll never step over your fears to see what’s on the other side of it. 

you’ve come to see how breakthroughs don’t come without breaking things along the way. without crushing things unlike Him in its way. without shifting path ways. without throwing you into all kinds of depths of Him. you are beginning to learn that you cannot have one of these things without the other.

so you stand at the edge of the other half of this year, and your heart is daring you to really believe Him. believe Him for the big. for the small. and the in betweens. that even when nothing makes sense and nothing looks like its even moving, that you would lay down doubt after doubt and guard your heart with audacious faith. 

that you would really take Him by His word  these coming days + settle in your heart once again that no matter where the wind blows you the rest of the year, that you will anchor your heart + soul to His Truth - and that for once. for once. you’d believe. really believe - for all that seems impossible.