When you want to know that what is for you, is for you.


if we’re being honest, laughing without fear of the future is down-in-your-bones hard. because who can really laugh in the face of uncertainties. in the face of changing things. in the face of breaking things. who can really laugh in the face of these things? 

but here’s the thing: here’s a footnote for this scripture that keeps putting to rest my beating heart + anxious places: • you can. you can laugh, belly laugh, even dance without fear of your future when you come into a knowing + a settling that what is for you, is for you. 

when you begin to peel back on your yearning for validation and simply lose your self in His embrace of acceptance. when you begin to put away theatrics and people-seeking and self-seeking and become so emptied of yourself that you begin to know that it isn’t by your strength nor it’s lack thereof that gives your future a hope - but that His thoughts toward you stand and you didn’t/cannot do a thing to earn it. 

so as you begin to robe yourself in these freedom words, you come to know that you can show up fully yourself. you can show up at His pace for you even when the world is rushing “past” you. that you are free to go against the grain of this world and let yourself be set apart by Him. you can abase and abound no matter the season (Philippians 4:12). oh because you know now. oh you know now! you’ve seen it. you’ve traced it across the pages of His Word and the pages of your own life: that all that He’s prepared for you, will always be there when you get there.

rest, friend.