You're much closer now than when you first believed.

March post 2.jpeg

When you arose on this first day of March, you took many deep breaths. 

You exhaled with your head lifted and your eyes lightened up. because now you know. now you see it. now you see that because you’re His, you called to deeper things. higher things. holy things. things for which you may or may not have any blueprint - but the crucified and resurrected life of Jesus. 

That because He’s made you a promise, the process will be laced with oppositions. The paths will be broken and the ways many times unclear. But standing here now - you’re beginning to really see how there’s been purpose in every pain. How there’s been glory in every lack and hurt and disappointment. How every closed door got you to the blessings of here + now. 

Because how could you have known this strength within, had you not endured. yea, you were tired. Yea, you questioned everything. Yea, you thought you couldn’t take another weight. face another day. Yet, here you are looking March in the eye and your heart won’t stop beating with eager expectation, because now more than ever before you dare to believe that these coming days will birth the promise.

That these coming days - any day now, could be the day you wake up to an a absolute dream. Because yes - you’re closer now than when you first believed. 

Have a blessed, higher and deeper March, dear friend. 

Below this is a printable, a pinnable, a wearable, declarable words for your heart these coming days of March.

March Post.jpeg