When you want to know how you are still standing - even now.

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dear self, you, me, all of us -

see, how you stand at the edge of things, tired and worn - and still you remain held.

see: just when you thought these past days would overwhelm you. overshadow you. overtake you. consume you. just when the year began with a rush of things and had your back up against the wall. still see. see how you’re here standing at the edge of things and He’s still holding you. see how you’re still standing. how you’re still here. how you’ve been met by/with grace all along the way. how He’s graced you to be you. for such a time. for this season. for all of this.

and here you are, at the end of the January days that may have blown you out of the water. but see: no matter where the wind blew you - He was with you. no matter how overwhelmed things became - He was your shield. when you didn’t have courage - He was your fortress. when you didn’t see where the provision would come from - He lifted hands your way. and just when you thought you would faint - He renewed your strength.

so even now as you hold your breath, standing at the edge of these coming February days, you may not know all that the days will bring, but remember how you got here. and that you can carry on standing on His shoulders. mounting upon wings. and may He have proven to you now that He is enough for you. to keep carrying you through. that He is your source of all good and perfect things (James 1:17). and He never withholds Himself from you. and in/with Him is everything.