See, how you’ve been growing in dark places.


On this first day of all-things-new-October, you look back and you see it all now. all the things that were growing in the dark. 

all the things you didn’t even know when + how they got there. all the things you didn’t know were taking root all along. you see it all now. all the things He’s been pulling out of you in dark places. you see it all now in His light. and you marvel. 

you marvel at how + where He’s grown you this year. you marvel at how you’ve felt the weight of every passing day yet He’s given you peace under every pressing. how you’re now walking with your back straight even where you still can’t see your way clear. 

and your heart is bursting with all kinds of thanks + wonder: “when did these things take root?” when + where did you become a stronger you. a braver you. a praying you. a fighting you. a “whatever it takes, you”.  and then you see how it’s true: profitable things grow in dark places. 

dark places where it feels like He’s burying you. where it seems like nothing is happening. nothing is working. nothing is growing. until suddenly, you’re counting fruits you didn’t have when the fire began. you’re beholding intangible gifts that only He can give. you’re knowing things that could only be seen in the dark. 

so here you are on this first October day with this ‘knowing’ that is now deeply rooted + fastened within. a knowing that you have settled in your heart + spirit once and for all. a knowing that can never be taken away from you. a knowing that has rocked your world and changed everything within + around + for you: a knowing that: you are deeply loved by Him. that He is mindful of you + will stop at nothing until He makes you like Him. (Philippians 1:6 - emphasis added).