When you’re desperate to believe that you don’t need more than you have: the midweek reset


Maybe our word for the year. Our person for the year. For years to come. Our pursuit for these coming days ought to be the Holy Spirit.

 The Holy Spirit. Period.

Because if we’re being honest here, it doesn’t matter a heap of words or a list of bursting goals or the things we are so determined to say yes to, or what word we believe we are to live by this year – none of it would even matter if we tried to do it apart from Him.

 Apart from Christ we can do nothing. (John 15:5). Apart from the Holy Spirit we can do NO thing.

If we didn’t need God’s spirit to fulfil God’s word, God’s mission, God’s mandate, God’s will then it would all be by might and by power. And then all the weak and broken people might as well stay on their mats, in their weak places and do No thing.

 Because if it were all by might and power, the strong would reign, the mighty would win – and the weak would lose.

 The weak would have no hope.

 But that is not how the story goes.

Because in His story - our story - in the story of salvation, of redemption – in the story of the best news ever written, ever lived, ever told – the weak get help.

Let the weak say that loud: the weak get help.

In this story, the weak are strengthened. The weak are enabled. The weak are upheld. The weak go ahead, go past what the world calls strong and mighty and just goes to the unlikeliest places and the weak do great things.

Now – this is our story. This is why our hearts won’t let us stay on mats with our broken limbs and arms, or in our low places, or in the dark, because there’s a strength that beckons, and screams your name and whispers through your fears:

You can do ALL things, through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

And somehow you dare your weak self to pen goals, visions, plans, hopes and dreams. You dare to keep on hoping that this whole story, the whole shebang will work in your favour. Will work for your good.

 And the enemy breathes these words back in your face:

 “How dare you? – weak?!”

 “Yes – I know”. You say.


But your heart won’t stop leaping these words and this truth that anchors your soul:

 “My hope is in Christ alone. I have all that I could ever need in Him.”

 So you dare to stay in your lane, you dare to nip comparison in the bud, to shut the mouth of perfectionism, because finally you know it isn’t by might nor by power.

 So you ask for help these coming days. You ask for the Holy Spirit.

 You ask for The Spirit of God, Himself to rest upon you. Because you believe you can do better. Because you have things to do, and places to go in His Name.


How do you think? Men and women like us: like Priscilla and Aquila, and Paul and Luke and the many early Christians (Church) who never walked physically with Jesus, how do you think they did it? (The book of Acts) 

The Holy Spirit.

How did they stand in the face of danger, persecution and death? Till death – still rejoicing.

The Holy Spirit.

So if we’re going to face hard things, if we are going live higher, stronger. If we’re going to do the will of God – we need the Spirit of God.

Yea - the world may be bursting with all kinds of self-help books and tools, but we, the desperate people; we, the weak; we, the broken, we know that there is no self-help here. There’s no self-help for these hard and higher things that won’t stop beckoning to us. There are no secrets, steps and strategies to doing better unless it’s Spirit-breathed.

We know, we have seen that wherever self leads, whatever self does always falls short.

We always fall short outside the spirit of God.

But His spirit searches the deep things within Him and comes and whispers them to answer your questions. Your inner groaning.

 Suddenly, the eyes of your heart are enlightened. Suddenly you know and say things you didn’t know before. Suddenly you’ll see how you never need more than you have. Because you have an ever present Helper, Counselor, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby, Friend (John 16:7)

 The Holy Spirit. Helper and Friend.

 And you’ll wonder how is it that we’ve always had all that we need? In this Spirit of God to do things of God.

So for these coming days may this be our soul-food and prayer:

Holy Spirit, I know you are here. I know you standby to teach me, to tell me things my mind could never imagine, secrets about my life that ears haven’t heard, eyes haven’t seen.

I know you are my present help and you lead my hands to go about God’s work. I know you stand close by and before me to order my steps so that I can be the hands of feet of Jesus. I want to know deep in my heart what I must do moment-by-moment and how I must do them. I pray that you open my eyes to the gifts that are inside of me, around me, and for me. I pray that you would teach me how to use my gifts, how to be impactful and fruitful for your glory. I pray that you would help me overcome distraction and comparison by reminding me that you’re my gift, you’re my blessing, you’re the one that never leaves – you are God in me, Christ in me, you are my hope of glory. 

I pray that I always come to you, seek you and hear what you will say to me, day by day.