Wherever the wave takes us these coming days, His word will anchor our souls.

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Dear you, me, all of us,

I know it’s all begun. The scurry for the new. The chase for abundance.

For all that Christ came to give us. All that joy.

But what if – just five days in, the wind is already blowing your heart in all kinds of different ways. What if the wave is already moving you to places you didn’t pin down as one of your desires for this year.

Maybe what we need this New Year is some real truth that’ll anchor our souls. No - not goals. Not the chase. Not the hurriedness. But real truth down in our bones. Those ones we learned in the obscurity of the past years. Those days in the dark. Those moments in the quiet, all that truth that you now know for sure because it is now grafted right into your heart. The ones that no matter where this year meets you standing or kneeling, those truths will centre you.

The truths that’ll anchor your soul right back to the heart of Jesus.

Because I have found this treasure in my own dark moments – that if you let your heart and your soul know that you know that God is always for you. That He is always good to you. That He never leaves you. That you’re written into the depths of His story. And that when you stand steadfast in this story that is already finished before it even began. When you stand in the field He’s set before you and plough through, the Holy Spirit is always in and round about you. And that because you have Him in you, for you, around you like a wall of fire, you never need more than that.

You never need more than you have.

Maybe your heart needs to hear you say that out loud: you never need more than you have.

Maybe this New Year, you don’t need new things nor goals as much as you need to know the length and breadth of what you really have in Jesus.

That’s the abundance we must thirst after.

Maybe this is the thing: “to pray that the eyes of your heart be enlightened that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people”. (Ephesians 1:18)

His glorious inheritance in you.

Maybe you, me, all of us, just need to settle in our hearts now that no matter where the wave takes us these coming days, we will hold steadfast to His light in order to see His light in everything. To always see the bursting joy in the moments He gifts us and how there’s always Christ-like growth within us.

Maybe this is the year to see the abundance we’ve had all along. All that Christ came to give us. Maybe this is the year to already know how things will end before they even begin.

This is the year to settle just five days in – that these coming days will meet us in the secret place of fervent prayer.

  • These are the days that we will listen more for Him like never before.

  • This is the year that we walk in step with the Holy Spirit like never before.

  • These coming days will meet us where the truth of His word lifts our head, upholds our heart and anchors our souls.

  • These first January days - no matter how the wind may blow or where the wave may take us, we will trust His ways, His timing and His promise.

  • Although there may be turns these coming days, soon we will find that it is His way of writing His desires on our hearts and His way of giving us the grace to trade our will for His.

Friend, may you run toward all that is to come with a fearless surrender to His will, knowing that you’re in step with the Holy Spirit, you’ll never be behind. You’ll always be right where you need to be.

May you always see how this is true.

To pin this to your heart, to pin it somewhere in your home, to declare this to your soul whenever you need it, below is a printable for you, friend.

Happy New Year, dear friend.