Truths that will anchor our soul in the new year


Just like the days between Christmas and the New year we are always standing somewhere between the joy of when Christ came and all that He came to give us. all that He came to make us. how He came to remake us.

between all the old things that are passed away and the abundant life for which He came. so these past days we’ve all been putting pen to paper to pen the things we want to do better. who we want to become. reaching hard for all that abundance.

but before we turn the page on this year think on how you got here and some truths that these past days have birthed and rooted in you. somethings you now know for sure that no matter where the wave takes you in 2019, these truths will anchor your soul.

4 heart-truths my soul will wear like a garment into 2019:

•now I deeply believe that I never need more than I have. - because Christ abides in me (and I in Him), because God’s Hand rests on me, and the Holy Spirit is round about me, I always have all that I need whether in battle or in victory.

•now I know for sure that the above is always true. no matter how I feel - He never leaves nor forsakes. He is always a present help in every passing moment.

•focusing on what I have been gifted - in and around me. staying on my own lawn to water my grass. to diligently plough the field He’s set before me is to put perfectionism and comparison to its death.

•God’s answers to our prayers seldom looks like what we expect. but if we hang in there long enough we see the joy He’s been weaving all along.

let your heart know that in the new year, there may be turns. things may not always work out the way you planned but you will wear His word, His truth, like a garment. and let your heart know now - let your heart settle it now - that His word has already laid out the path for the holy places you’re headed these coming days.🌿