For all the Marys everywhere: bearing the blessing and burden

All the Marys everywhere know this: because your life is inscribed on the palm of His hand, your heart must prepare for interrupted plans and diverted paths.

your heart must prepare to trade your desires for His. to lay down your dreams and plans to carry His for you.

all the Marys everywhere, sooner or later, find this to be true: your life is called to fulfil so many things that have been said of you before you were even formed. that when you were yet unseen, unknown and seemingly overlooked, you were always written into the lineage of the Saviour. you’ve always been there in His story. (Matthew 1).

all the Marys, you, me, all of us – know what it’s like to misfit. know what it’s like for your life to be up in the air. nothing going as planned. know the presence of faith and fear all at the same time. the presence of trouble and peace all at once. the presence of hope and doubt. the blessing and the burden. know what it’s like to carry unlikely things to go birth in unlikely places.

but because He won’t stop coming. won’t stop wooing us, we keep going. by grace, we stay in the story to see the end that awaits. we endure the journey to see all that He’s promised. and when He’s fully come, with the full measure of the blessing - old things pass away, all things are made new.

and for these things, for the days ahead, He abides within us so that somehow the unlikelies - you and I - can somehow do all things. (Philippians 4:13).