Might I Shyly Sit With You Today?

would you graciously let me in to have a coffee with you? 

I'd really love to tell you all about how I have prayerfully staggered my journey here. how only through mercy & grace I was redeemed and invited in. to seek & find: Him.  

how I collided with Jesus when I was never looking for Him. simply seeking identity & love, and they came to me in a Person. in Him. I was begging around for grace for my brokenness and mercy for my mess and instead complete acceptance came to me: in Him. 

I want to tell you all about this Good News that when I first heard it, my ears tingled and my heart has since longed to preach it to myself, daily. because friend, in this daily fight for joy, I am chasing grace. I want to be reminded in my moments, that to live fully & sacredly right where I am, I must give myself to His Word & my heart to prayer. 

because just like you, friend, I desperately want to live in The Story He's writing with my life. I want to believe that wherever my here and now is: I am in His Story. my 'here' is all part of His Story.

yea you know, I'm just a former muslim girl whose hope & trust is entirely in Jesus Christ. and you know what makes me do a dance each time I declare this truth: it's because they are not just words, if they were I would have always been able to say them. but in the past I hadn't received the courage to declare them. but not these days. these days, these words of truth pour & wander.

because I have come to know that it is for freedom that He sets us free

that it is when we cling to the railings of His Heart that we find our way through the hardest of places. that it is when we stay rooted in Him, living for Him alone, that we finally know that yes: we are enough. He is enough. He is all that matters. 

friend, might I declare some more truths that my heart believes:

I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord & Saviour. That God is Father & His Spirit is, Teacher, Girder & Guider. that I am nothing outside of Him. that I am a grace-needer. that to stay knotted between Father, Son & Spirit is to stay in His Plans, to live upside-down, outside of expectations and right at the heart of His Abundant Grace. 

and here I just want to pen my grace-days; how the Word is being made Flesh in my every day. how I am groping for the face of God on my dark days. how I am crawling through my mess, and reading His message for my weak and hurried moments.

friend, the words you will read here are words He presses upon my heart. words from His Word, that I desperately want to live. words of how I am finding Him, when I do & don't seek Him.

friend, I pray that if we ever meet, that you will see dirt on my hands from writing out my mess here. 

I have come to know this: all is amazing grace,

Rayo. x