Welcome! What a thrill it is to meet you, friend. I’m Rayo Adegoke.

Would you stay a little while around here. I hope you and I can just be real and raw about the hard places in our journey and the ceaseless fight for joy and abundant life. I deeply believe that this is what our faith journey is all about; counting the joys in the mundane, the little moments, the small choices, the people we love and how we love them big and how you and I, all of us, can just link arms in quiet corners like this one to trade stories, offer words of relief and grace.

because when you are crack in the middle of hard places, what your heart really wants to know is the truth.

I would know. I am just a former Muslim girl who gave her life to Christ one Easter Sunday in 2009. There are so many staggering things I cannot wait to tell you about everything that led to that season, but I think the most unforgettable of all was that I came home.

If we had so much time, I would tell you all about how God put a thirst down in my soul that nothing else would satisfy until I found myself right there, arms outstretched, standing at the altar of a local Church and giving Him back what has always been His: Myself. I’d searched for identity in so many different things: relationships, work, and all the earthly places that never quite satisfy. And that year: 2009, my life did a complete 180.

At the beginning of 2012, I wrote these words in my journal: “I want to know You Face-to-face, Lord”; friend, since then my life has been rocked and I have learned that in order to really know Him Face-to-face, I must accept the invitation to this upside-down living. This call to always live slow and lay it all down for Him. It was a very hard year and it was right there that He would always meet me with an invitation to joy. Because here’s the thing: you learn more about God in the hard places. You learn more about Him when you are somewhere in between hills and valleys and all you have is Him. And on those hard days, He would remind me of the true meaning of my name, Rayo: I see joy.

So friend, I accepted His dare to fight for joy in the face of life’s hard and disappointments. I accepted the dare to count my joys and lift my thanks amidst tears and loss. To pen and speak grace-words that I desperately need for my soul: words from His Word that reach deep into my hurt and my fears. To speak about how the Word is being made flesh in my life: marriage, relationships and my. How I am living the Word, falling short of it, and being picked up by grace. Over and over again.

Friend, we are never alone on this faith journey. I know I am not alone on this journey of seeking His joy and contentment daily.

Because we are at our strongest when we stand in our lives & gifts with contentment.


...and friend, oh this one makes me giddy all the time - because it’s my favourite love story.

How after 7 years of being just friends and about 7 more of getting to know much more about each other, God would call my husband and I into a beautiful love story He’d written for us all along. From an old friendship, He birthed something new. And in June 2015, Niyi (I call him, Mr. Steady) and I got married, and we’ve since been finding grace in our small home here in Abuja, Nigeria. Knotted between Father. Son. Spirit. 

…And just about thirty minutes after midnight on July 11th 2017 we overflowed with all kinds of bursting joy as we held our first daughter in our arms. Her name is Iyanu Lael-Grace. She is such light.


We have not known a love like this: one that breaks you, lets more light in to make you whole all at once.


Please write me, friend, would love to keep praying each other through hard places. Although these days, writing only happens when wonder-girl sleeps, but I am thankful I still get to do some. And yes - lately, one of my joys is watching Mr. Steady pull together so many delicious bakes for us. He’s the best I know. 

Rayo. x

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