Hello! My name is Rayo.

Welcome! What a thrill it is to meet you, friend. Would you stay with me a while in this messy place, where I hope you and I can just be raw and real about the hard places in our journey and the ceaseless fight for joy and abundant life. I deeply believe that this is what our faith journey is all about; the mundane, the little moments, the small choices, the people we love and how we love them big and how you and I, all of us, can gather here in quiet corners like this one to trade stories, offer words of relief and inhale refreshing grace.

All is: amazing grace.

I am a former Muslim girl who gave her life to Christ in Easter 2009. There are so many staggering things I would love to tell you about everything that led to that season, but I think the most amazing of all was that I found my way home. Christ found a way to put a thirst in my soul that nothing else would satisfy until I found myself standing at the altar of a local Church and giving Him back what has always been His. Myself.

In June 2015, I married the love of my life, whom I like to call Mr. Steady, and we’ve since been finding grace in our small homely home in Lagos, Nigeria.

I may or may or not love to clean way too much, redecorate our home from time to time, and be a lot of things to the people I love, which sometimes causes me to overwhelm myself, but it is in these moments that God overwhelms me with grace instead. 

It was during a very tough season in 2012 that God replaced my small dreams with His bigger dreams; one that would see me use my creative gifts in writing to draw other women closer to Jesus. And in the most unexplainable way, He reminded me of my name Rayo, which means; “I see joy”, during a season that my joy was faint. But then I soon realized that this was an invitation to fight for joy everyday; and in classic God-fashion, His invitation is never for us alone, it’s for others like us.

So after years of struggling with discouragement and all kinds of fear, here I am. But during those years when it seemed like the dream was growing faint, He was still using my experiences and words to encourage the people closest to me, because with God, He never sends you out before He’s prepared you and used you in the messy place that you are, so that you can learn the joys of real service; so that you can lose your thirst for applause and approval and just simply want to serve, seen or unseen; just want to live for Him alone.

I am grateful that I am able to just sit here and pour out words that I desperately need for my own soul. Words from His Word that reach deeper than anything else could. Here I’d love to share with you how this Word is being made flesh in my daily life: in my marriage, my relationships and my work.  How I am really living the Word, falling short of it, and being picked up by grace.

I would love to hear your stories too, because really we are never alone on this faith journey. Every now and again we will stop at the side of the road and see our lives in the eyes of a complete stranger, because it turns out we are all in this together.

When I am not writing here, taking too many photos or laughing like a hyena with Mr. Steady, I am working as a ‘storyteller’ alongside some brilliant people to improve the wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria.